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Unlawful Employment Tribunal Fees

The Supreme Court has ruled that Employment Tribunal fees are unfair and potentially discriminatory.




Workers can claim compensation if not given holiday pay

Workers who appear to be self-employed may still be entitled to paid holiday, the European Court of Justice has said.




Banning headscarves at work – what does the latest ruling mean for you?

Employers can ban staff from wearing headscarves, the European Court of Justice has ruled.




Anti-bullying Week

14th – 18th November is anti-bullying week. Bullying in the work place can take many forms.




         World Mental Health Day

              Unfortunately, many employees in the work place will be suffering in silence 




Own Goal…a Conflict of interest

An interesting story has developed this week concerning conflict of interest in the workplace. 



Feeling the heat at work…..

Whilst there are health and safety guidelines for minimum temperatures in the work place there are no set maximum temperatures...



How to resign

With so many politicians (and a Top Gear presenter) resigning, Andrew Lightburn, Employment Solicitor at BHP Law looks at the best way to resign. 

The Supreme Court has ruled that Employment Tribunal fees - which can amount to £1,200 - are unfair and potentially discriminatory