Employers' Fixed Fee Packages

We provide assistance on a transparent, fixed-fee basis, so that you always know from the start how much we will charge and unlike many solicitors, we are so proud of our competitive prices that we list them on our website. 

For employers, our employment solicitors provide the peace of mind of acting as an extension to the in-house human resources team. Our advice includes:


Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreements can be a mutually convenient and hassle free method of agreeing the exit of an employee as well as protecting yourself against Employment Tribunal claims.  After discussing the relevant circumstances with you, we will advise you on an appropriate settlement figure and prepare a Settlement Agreement ready for issuing to your employee. We will also carry out up to one hour of negotiations with your employee’s representative and/or drafting amendments to the Agreement.

Fixed fee for preparation of Settlement Agreement plus negotiations: £750 plus VAT 


Grievance Packages

If an employee submits a grievance it must be handled using the correct procedure, to reduce the likelihood of a successful Employment Tribunal claim being brought against you. We will review the employee’s grievance and advise you on what investigation needs to be undertaken. We will then prepare a guidance note for the grievance hearing, review the grievance hearing minutes, and draft an outcome letter to the employee. If the employee appeals the outcome we will review their grounds for appeal, prepare a guidance note for the appeal hearing, review the appeal hearing minutes, and prepare an appeal outcome letter.

Fixed fee for grievance package: £950 plus VAT


Disciplinary Procedures

If you wish to commence disciplinary proceedings against an employee, the procedure you follow is very important, and can make the difference between an unfair dismissal and a fair one. We will discuss the case with you, draft the disciplinary invitation, prepare a guidance note for the hearing, review the hearing minutes, and draft an  outcome letter.  If the employee appeals the outcome we will review their grounds for appeal, prepare a guidance note for the appeal hearing, review the appeal hearing minutes, and prepare an appeal outcome letter.

Fixed fee for disciplinary package: £950 plus VAT


Acting as independent disciplinary or grievance officers

There may be a particular case that calls for an independent person to chair the disciplinary or grievance hearing or undertake the relevant investigation. It could even be the case that the managers or directors who would usually undertake such matters are on holiday or busy with other projects. In such situations one of our experienced employment solicitors will be happy to attend the hearing, consider the various representations on behalf of the employee and Company and recommend an appropriate outcome.

One of the biggest issues with disciplinary and grievance processes is delay. Often in disciplinary matters the employee will be suspended on full pay which costs the Company money. By ‘contracting-out’ the investigation or hearings, the process can be handled quickly, professionally and independently saving both time and money.Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Fixed fee: £500 plus VAT per day


Employment Document Service

One of the most effective ways to minimise the likelihood of an Employment Tribunal claim being brought against you is to ensure that you have robust and effective contracts, handbooks and policies in place, and that your staff are familiar with them. These should include policies on social media, grievance and disciplinary, smoking, bribery, whistleblowing and equal opportunities, to name a few. 

For a fixed fee, we will carry out an annual audit of all your employment documents, and provide a detailed report along with written recommendations. We will also supply you with an unlimited number of template contracts, handbooks and policies. For a discounted fee, we can also customise any template documents or handbooks to suit the particular needs of your business.

Fixed annual fee for Documents Service: £975 plus VAT

Discounted fee per customised document: £250 plus VAT

Discounted fee per customised handbook: £500 plus VAT


Fixed Fee Training Packages

They say that prevention is better than cure, and ensuring that your staff get the right training can certainly reduce the chances of employees taking you to a Tribunal. But did you know that if you can show that your staff have had training in certain areas, this can itself be used in a Tribunal to help you defend any claims that do arise?

We offer half-day employment law training courses on a range of topics that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Topics include: “How do I dismiss safely?”, “How should I handle grievances and disciplinaries?”, “How do I avoid discrimination claims?”, and “Employment Tribunal familiarisation.” We also provide a certificate for each employee detailing the course content that can be held on their personnel file. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not included.

Fixed fee for half-day course: £750 plus VAT 


Fixed Fee Employment Tribunal Package

If you find yourself facing an Employment Tribunal claim, our experienced employment solicitors will be there to help you every step of the way. This includes preparing and submitting your response to the Employment Tribunal, representing you at any preliminary hearings, dealing with disclosure, preparing witness statements on your behalf, carrying out settlement negotiations, and instructing  a specialist barrister to deal with the hearing  itself. The Tribunal claim process can be broken down into four stages. For more information click here

Total fixed fee for Employment Tribunal Package: £6,000 plus VAT


Employment Tribunal Insurance

Many packaged employment law services which include insurance for legal costs and awards of compensation at an Employment Tribunal  can cost up to £10,000  for annual cover, but you don’t need to pay this much - we can arrange effective protection for you for a fraction of that price. Contact one of the Employment Law team to get a free no-obligation quote for your business.


ACAS Early Conciliation Package

It may be cheaper than you think to settle an employee's claim. Before anyone can pursue a claim in the Employment Tribunal against their employer, they must first contact ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service). If the employee and employer both agree, ACAS will mediate between the two parties and attempt to agree a settlement. If handled correctly, this can be an effective way of avoiding the costs involved in fighting a Tribunal claim, and the compensation you end up paying could be much less. 

If you are contacted by ACAS because an employee intends to pursue an Employment Tribunal claim against you, we can help. We will discuss the circumstances with you, review the information provided by the employee, assess their claim for damages and negotiate with ACAS on your behalf. If settlement is achieved we will finalise the agreement for you and, in the event a settlement cannot be reached, we will advise you of the options available to you and possible next steps.

Fixed fee to settlement: £500 plus VAT

Fixed fee if settlement cannot be reached: £350 plus VAT


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